We are PURE K9

What is Pure K9?

About Pure K9

We are a small company based out of Toronto, Canada. We aim to make the world a safer place for dogs across the globe.

Canine Safety
We pride ourselves on being committed to the protection of dogs worldwide.

Quality Products
As dog owners and lovers, we are committed to bringing the highest quality of products to your doorstep. Whether it be improved texture, breathability, stronger fabric, or unique builds, we have a commitment to quality.

Nobody beats PURE K9.

Our dogs are members of our family – and as such they should be protected just like the rest of the family.

Brad Mehlenbacher, Founder

Product Variations – DoggyBelt

We currently have four colors and five different sizes. Check out the color schemes below!

  • The harness looks great on my dog. It works great for trips or even just through a casual walk around the block. Most of all the seat belt strap attachment give me the peace of mind that while on the road my dog can also be safe, no matter what may happen.

    Michael Lauzurique via Amazon
  • I would recommend this product to anyone with a dog who is concerned about the dog’s safety while in the car. I feel like the price is totally reasonable and have no doubt that this will help keep my dog safe.

    Colleen Yamamoto via Amazon

What makes us different?

The following are a few of the reasons that PURE K9 stands out in the crowd.



We use the products that we make every single day. You only get the best.


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Family Business Mentality

As a small business, we want to see our customers get the best possible service – the personal touch that you will never get when dealing with massive companies that only see you as a dollar sign. 

Paying it Forward

10% of all profits will go towards helping dogs find homes, feeding animals in shelters, and helping sick dogs find health again.



Buy one today!

As dog owners, we all want to see our dogs live as long as they possibly can. Investing in a seatbelt is a no-brainer for anyone who truly loves their companion. Don't wait, buy one today!

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